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15 educational activities for kids

Summer is coming soon, and I know what the kids are thinking: “Yay! No school!” The parents, on the other hand are thinking, “No school? What am I gonna do with these guys?!” No worries! We here at Starfish have scoured the world of Pinterest for the best educational activities for your kids, so you […]

The best way to teach kids Bible meditation

One of the most important things we can do at the center is to teach the Word of God to our kids, and to guide them into experiencing Him themselves in a way that greatly impacts their life. At Starfish we regularly teach the Word using multimedia, arts and crafts, music, and personal testimony. We […]

A day in the life of an at-risk youth

“Chris” gets up early for school like any other kid. If he’s lucky he’ll grab a sugary breakfast on his way out the door. He’s excited to see his friends, but a little apprehensive about facing his teacher. He didn’t understand his math assignment, but as his mom works late, she couldn’t help him. She […]

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