AFter twelve years in our program, Trinity shares her story


Starfish has been serving at-risk youth since 1997. We provide homework help, a listening ear, educational and fun opportunities and experiences, and more. We are a non-profit organization that relies on donors to keep our doors open. Trinity is one of many students that we have served throughout the years.



Trinity has always been a bright, hard-working individual. Starfish helped her to realize her full potential. This past year she served briefly on our staff as a program tutor, and now she is attending university with plans to become a nurse some day. We are very proud of her, and would like to take a few minutes to introduce her to you.


Meet Trinity

Trinity has been in our program since she was six years old. Trin always worked very hard to get good grades. She graduated high school at CMSA with a 4.5 GPA. Trinity has a sister and two brothers, all of whom were at one point Starfish students. Her mother has always been involved in Starfish, either volunteering or serving as program tutor. We have many years of memories with Trinity.


Starfish: What challenges have you faced at school while enrolled at Starfish?
Trinity: Living up to my academic potential. I wasn’t aware of the abilities I had due to the environment.
Starfish: What difficulties have you experienced due to the neighborhood environment?
Trinity: Feeling safe and secure because of the violence. It was also hard applying my academic knowledge because everybody around didn’t care about education.


Racial and Economic Challenges

Starfish: Have you experienced any hardships due to racial issues?
Trinity: Yes, I have experienced racial issues.
Starfish: In what ways has lack of money been a challenge in your childhood?
Trinity: It’s been a challenge in obtaining academic opportunities like going out of state for a science fair.
Starfish: Please list any other difficult experiences you have experienced.
Trinity: When my house caught on fire.
(The Starfish community provided furniture and funds to her family during this difficult time)

Starfish makes a difference

Starfish: In what ways has Starfish helped you overcome some of these challenges?
Trinity: Starfish allowed guidance and reassured me that I was capable of doing great things.
Starfish: What opportunities or tools have you been given through Starfish?
Trinity: I’ve been given the opportunity to travel and step out of my comfort zone.
Starfish: What are some experiences you have had through Starfish that have positively influenced your life?
Trinity: When my house caught on fire Starfish was an outlet that helped me positively cope.
Starfish: What was your favorite part about Starfish?
Trinity: Learning about the Bible and the mentorship.

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