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Current job openings:

Youth Mentor Director


Candidate must be exhibit Christ-like qualities (compassion, patience, peacefulness, wisdom) to youth at all times. Candidate must be able to listen to youth effectively and gain their trust. Candidate will report directly to the executive director and must be able to receive direction and assignments from him/her. Candidate must be able to travel to different locations across the city via car or public transportation. Ideally the candidate should either be able to assist with our cooking program, our music education program, or our arts and crafts program.


  • High school diploma or higher
  • Must attend a Christian church
  • Thorough knowledge of the Bible and basic theology
  • Must know how to lead a youth to Christ

Job description:

Candidate will initiate and engage in meaningful conversations with youth to gain their trust and provide guidance. Candidate will arrange activities that provide opportunities to bond with youth and provide more meaningful conversations, respecting the program budget. Candidate will share the gospel with youth tactfully when appropriate. Candidate will sometimes help with tutoring, with mentoring always being the priority. Candidate may be asked to lead other classes (arts & crafts, cooking, etc.) with the goal of engaging youth.

Hours and Compensation:

30 hours a week. Salaried position, wages are commensurate with experience.

To apply: email your resume and date you are available to begin to Also fill out and email this application: SF-Job-Application

Interviews will be held the week of May 7, 2018.

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