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Reversing the narrative of racism

Starfish Learning Center Receives 2019 Best of Chicago Award

5 ways your donation impacts at-risk youth

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that today’s inner city youth are in desperate need of a safe place to go after school where they can be tutored, mentored, and nourished. Our after school program has been providing that for twenty years. There are several ways to partner with us to make a […]

15 educational activities for kids

Summer is coming soon, and I know what the kids are thinking: “Yay! No school!” The parents, on the other hand are thinking, “No school? What am I gonna do with these guys?!” No worries! We here at Starfish have scoured the world of Pinterest for the best educational activities for your kids, so you […]

5 ways we’re reaching this fatherless generation

It’s no secret that kids growing up without a dad are at a distinct disadvantage. In a study cited by fatherhoodfactor.com, individuals from father-absent homes were found to be 279% more likely to carry guns and deal drugs than peers living with their fathers. The presence of a dad is necessary for complete emotional development. […]

10 small things you can do to change the world

1. Be kind to those that are rude to you Our knee-jerk reaction when we are treated unfairly by others is to respond in kind. We are instantly offended. Unfortunately, this response doesn’t benefit anyone. There is pain and suffering in the world, but we don’t have to let it touch us, and we don’t […]

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