Author: Susan Croox

Starfish alumni shares her experience

Starfish Learning Center Receives 2019 Best of Chicago Award

Starfish’s Summer 2019 update

after school program Chicago

Program Updates Winter 2018-2019

January and December reflections December brought fun and excitement with an outing for the girls downtown complete with delicious food and shopping! Starfish never misses and opportunity to let our kids know they are special and loved. Our annual Christmas party was no exception, where thanks to those who donated to our Facebook fundraiser, we […]

How to structure your after school program

After school programs, or out-of-school time programs, are instrumental in shaping our youth during the crucial hours after school while parents are at work (read my post on why we need after school programs). If you are lucky enough to be involved in one of these programs and you’re looking for some ideas as far […]

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