Author: Susan Croox

How to structure your after school program

After school programs, or out-of-school time programs, are instrumental in shaping our youth during the crucial hours after school while parents are at work (read my post on why we need after school programs). If you are lucky enough to be involved in one of these programs and you’re looking for some ideas as far […]

Why we need after school programs

I think somewhere in the back of our minds we have a vague notion that after school programs are a good idea. Keep kids busy, keep them out of trouble. But what would happen if there weren’t any after school programs? What would it look like if we lived in a world where kids had […]

How to have the best summer ever: tales of our 2017 retreat

If you read our last post, you would understand that making inner city youth feel loved through providing educational and recreational experiences is a priority at the center. Every summer we take our kids on a ten day retreat where we visit all kinds  of cool places in the Midwest. In this post you can check […]

Using extravagant love to transform the lives of youth

Every year we take our kids on a summer retreat to Michigan. This year we started off our retreat with two nights at Great Wolf Lodge, an exciting water resort. The kids will also experience fun and unique activities at the ranch house including an arcade, a swimming pool, a pantry stocked with snacks and […]

How to have fun with your kids in Chicago this summer 

In this post here we shared some educational activities you can try to keep your kids’ minds sharp and busy this summer. However, in Chicago, the weather is only nice for half of the year, so you gotta get out and enjoy it while you can! Today we’re sharing some great ideas for getting out […]

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