March 2021 program updates

It has been a roller coaster since last spring. Trying to protect our students and staff, we have been following the lead of Chicago Public Schools as far as opening our program to our students. We’ve opened and closed a few times now. We closed last November in accordance with the mayor’s request, and we just recently opened our doors again.

COVID limitations

We are again serving in a limited capacity, with about a third of our normal enrollment. Not only are we trying to encourage social distancing with limited enrollment, but many parents are hesitant to send their kids to school or to an after school program because of the pandemic.

Remote learning has been hard on our kids

Some kids do okay with remote learning, but for many it’s a challenge. As our students returned back to the program to receive support for remote learning we discovered that most of them have been struggling with school. We are using techniques such as movement breaks and fidget toys/chairs to help our students that are having difficulty paying attention during online school. Our staff are ready to assist with the identified problem areas that each student has. It is difficult for parents to provide all the support their kids need as mom and dad are trying to bring in an income as well. We are able to help families by hosting their kids during the remote time and providing whatever support they need.

Help us help the families in Rogers park


Partner with us to help at-risk youth succeed during this difficult time by donating today! Your donation will provide services and programs that help our kids flourish.

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